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Unique and different.. Fashion as art, it is my way to express myself. Except fashion I like to dance tango. Tango is pure passion in movement


Fashion is joy. Fashion are moments. Fashion is always a lasting inspiration diversity and art of clothing.


Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.


Tango is a life style, personal expression. Tango is a soul in movement.

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Marina Micanovic


Since I've finished studies at the Italian Academy dell Lusso, three years ago, fashion design became my passion and occupation. I consider my collections to be work of art. They are personal expression that arises from the lines and drawings to manual production of unique clothes. Interesting forms, details and texture have always been inspirational to me. My visualization is often achieved by mixture of styles. In the process of creation, my favourite styles are baroque, punk and purified lines, so they often merge into one. Underground, mixed with avant-garde and a large dose of elegance, describes a women I dedicate my work to. The participation in large regional competition The X-Factor, brought a great interest of public to my work. Inspired by the tango dance and movement, I've launched my own brand Tango Natural Fashion, presenting collections throughout Europe, at various festivals and gatherings. My main motive is the innovation in any field of art and the way I see my own expression without boundaries. My active presentations and shows, and above all, vision, led me to one of the biggest fashion center in the world, New York. Inspired by great success and popularity of my creations which contributes to visual and artistic creation. In addition to all these fashion shows and exhibition equally important is my membership in associations that are of great importance, especially for work and development of Independent artists in Serbia (ULUPUDS Association of Applied Artists Designers of Serbia, and the National Fashion Chamber). In this way, I'm designing and leaving a personal touch making my work recognizable

My work


    FW Bucharest 2014
    FW Skopje 2014
    FW Serbia 2014
    Montenegro 2013 Third prize
    Split Croatia 2013 First prize Winner
    FW Belgrade 2012
    FS Belgrade 2012

My work

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Fashion Week Bucharest"


Fashion Week Bucharest

FW in Bucharest was as great as the one in Serbia, with many visitors and very positive reactions to my collection. It was a pleasure to present my work on another fashion show outside Serbia. The organization was excellent. New contacts and new interesting people, always add uniqueness to each event.

My work

Fashion Week Skopje


Fashion Week Skopje

Fashion show in Skopje was significant and very interesting experience. Balkan applies to have many talented young artists that I had an opportunity to see here. A lot of great ideas, design solutions, have made that my collection will be spotted in the same way, distinguishing the quality and creation. With good organization and warmth that I felt there, it was a great pleasure to introduce my work in Skopje. I'd be happy to come here again with my new collection.

My work

Fashion Week Sebia


Fashion Week Serbia

Serbia’s is the place where all begins. From drawings to realization, all this wonderful process of creation. On Serbian Fashion Week, in the presence of many of foreign representatives, and members of the jury, excitement is higher and the expectations that I must fulfill are also big. In addition to a lot of great designers from neighboring countries and region, as well as other European countries, it’s a great feeling after the reaction of the audience. Diversity and quality of this collection stands out in this presentation, asymmetrical cuts, and interesting solutions to individual items so they can be worn in two or more ways. Excitement during and after the show is as always present.Thanks to an excellent organization and large number of people working on this project, made me go forward immediately after this show, to the realization of the new collection.

My work


My Portfolio

My point of view on fashion is not necessarily linked to the current trend, but primarily to uniqueness and singularity.

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