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What is functional, and what is original? And can those two get along?

Quite often we witness functional style, that means wearability and ease of combining with other garments, which in the world of fashion usually implies commercial line. Commercial line has conquered the world entirely, and today it is probably most wanted. It is very accessible, in every manner of speaking. Other side of the coin, when it comes to commercial style, is seeing a huge number of people on the streets, dressed in the same or similar way. Given that, trends are not completely acceptable to my opinion, but, having in mind the current offer, it seems that trend remains as the only solution.

Originality in my works takes a special, actually, the first place. Vision, from which it all departs, is something that I enjoy the most, all through the process of realization of final product. Exactly this expectation of the closing result is what I could call the positive stress. A small dose of this euphoria, which always carries me while I am working, is enough for the inspiration which, then, rises the most.

To be original requires, above all, being your true self. We express what we hold inside in different ways, certainly through art. Someone’s medium for self-expression might be dance, or painting, and it frequently is clothing.

Original and functional can definitely go together. Choice of quality fabrics and clear idea are the winning combination. Outfits that stand out are those that can be worn in different ways, the so-called “multipractic” items.

The aspect of aesthetics, whatever the clothing style is, stands to be the most authoritative; of course, together with the feeling of comfort, faith in one’s self and smile out of pleasure.


Photo by Nebojsa Perkovic

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