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Here is one very common question – is fashion a form of art?

Yes, it is. Artists have special skills to make all beautiful things. Art is a creative process of turning an idea into a masterpiece that shows all od the artist’s emotions, visions… Fashion is an outside projection out lifestyle, identity, emotions…

So What Exactly Is Arty Fashion Style?

Arty fashion style is one of my favorite styles. Its main characteristics are bold combinations of different colors, shapes, cuts, and textures. Arty fashion style is very popular, especially for people who like to be different and unique and it can be worn on any occasion.

An individual who prefers the arty style of fashion design would avoid the conventional style and opt for something more loud and unique. Lovers of arty style are very authentic and they really don’t care about what others think about their style. Freedom is very important to them and they live their life without any limitations.

They like attention, but still, they prefer to be in their own world from time to time by themselves. Very often they are really successful no matter what their profession is. If they are not artists, they love art! That is the way how they live. This style glowing with enthusiasm and it’s a mix of everything that we are not used to see very often.

Bring Your Arty Style To Perfection

How to make your arty outfit perfect? My advice here would be to follow your own style and to not limit yourself in expression. Make crazy clothes combinations, use more colors, geometric lines or cuts. This style doesn’t follow strict rules, but a high sense of aesthetics is a must.

Comfort is also very important, nice and natural fabrics are mostly used. Small details are “the secret spice”. For example, dress in some fluorescent colors, dress or jacket in one color but in different and interesting cuts, half of the outfit is a dress and the other half is the suit, different geometric symbols or patterns combined together, etc..

There is one important thing that you shouldn’t do  – don’t think about “is it too much?”. For someone, it can be too much, but an arty kind of personality doesn’t care for any limitations. If you can imagine yourself rocking this style and feeling confident, don’t be afraid to try it out!

With this style, you can attract a lot of different opinions, but you should always express yourself and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Nothing is more fashionable than showing your uniqueness to the world!

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