How to know which fashion style determines you, or which epoch you are belonging

We all have some favorite movie, a place where we like to go, season of the year, but we usually don’t know what fashion style determines us. Maybe you know what you want to have in your closet, but you don’t know which style belongs. I agree that you don’t have to know necessary, but I know that it will connect you deeper with yourself at some point if you know. Maybe you will know to explain yourself to you, and you can understand fashion better, and one the most crucial thing, you will see what you are looking for when you go shopping.

Sometimes we can see some piece of clothing on someone that we like how it looks on her or him, and we can imagine ourselves at the same time, but it doesn’t work that way. I m the first one who likes to try different things, but also, I m the first one who can see if someone has that kind of personality to have something that not determines that person.

So, let’s start this way. First of all, do one very good and deep cleaning of your closet. You will find everything there, mostly if you didn’t “clean” for a long time. You may have heard that if you don’t wear something for more than one year, that does not belong to your closet anymore, and you can find the place or person you can give it to. This is also very “healthy” because you will make some new space for new things ( I m doing this in everyday life for simple things and feel so good!). When you start, pay attention to what kind of clothes dominate in your closet. Pay attention to: Shape, colors, multicolors, flowers, animal print, fabrics.. do the same with your shoes. Now, I will explain all styles during the last century we have and the most popular.

–       30s and 40ts- From history, this was a particular period because women started to do more experiments with clothing after the big fashion revolution during the 20th. They begin to work more, to be more independent, they begin to take more responsibility for their own life, and with that they start to wear suits and pants. Pants on women before were not possible, but fashion is a beautiful phenomenon ( when I say fashion, I mean on all lifestyle, not just what ppl will wear). Today, we have women that like to wear suits, a tie, a white shirt, very often a modern hat, white, or black, or combination, ( red lipstick, eyeliner J )and it looks very feminine, and fashionable at the same time. YSL made this revolution and put it all on a very high level, and that you can see in his movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2707858/ ( I indeed suggest!)

30s Fashion: A Quartet of Chic Ladies (1930s Fashion Fashion Greeting Cards) #yachtweekcroatiacostumes | Fashion, 30s fashion, 1930s fashion

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–     50s and 60s – After this big revolution that women made, not just how they clothe themselves, but lifestyle, some designers ( Dior) try to return feminine and put the shape of the body in the first place. That looks amazing, really. And it was very acceptable, but we still could meet that fantastic shape of the body at that time. Today are different trends. I can say that this was a charming and beautiful period, but it didn’t stop the next big revolution. The fashion and fabrics industry was in expansion at that point, and people start to use synthetic for the manufacturer and make chip and good looking clothing. That is the reason why women have a full closet of everything. This is very specific during the 60th.

Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy were the icons in that period.

15 Classic Vintage 1940s Dress Styles | 1950s fashion dresses, Vintage dresses 50s, Vintage 1950s dresses

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–      70s and 80s.- I would say this is my favorite period, no just for fashion, but lifestyle. Everyone knows for the “Happy and Hippie” period during 70th, while we have something totally new – the jeans. This fantastic product is the most popular ever. The shape, length, width was different, but the comfort and style was for everyone! Light cotton and linen T-shirts were a complete trend. Comfort and freedom were the main motives of this very revolutionary movement. Multicolor, floral motifs on fabric, nice and soft colors, but light colors are symbols of light and soft materials. So, this period was fascinating and revolutionary. 80th brought new movement, and my favorite “PUNK.” This period was my inspiration for my design. The way how people express themselves was the latest trend. Makeup and clothing style in black color was a symbol of this period. On the other side, we could see a very elegant shape of shirts, silk, and superior business clothing combinations. With a similar style, one enters the 90s.

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–      90th- We could see all different styles and expansions of everything came, but it looked on mess more than with any sense. We could see a mix of everything, and this actually was everything before an entirely new fashion era. Mess before big new fashion cleaning. Honestly, I liked this period. I was very young, but still, I remember all the super cool shows, music, and revolution in every way.  However, I always see something unique and different in all those periods. For me, all is that inspiration for new and different.


Even its fashion just “a no end of” the game by clothing elements, and maybe without some deeper meaning, if we know the structure of style speaking, we can sense all taboo, and we can see easier people around us, and maybe we can be more aware how the others see us.

We all have within us the energy of a particular epoch because it is evident that each has its own sensibility and that beauty is precisely there, in diversity. I know mine. 🙂

Fashion (Non)Sense

Fashion (non)sense is a topic a wanted to write about for a long time. Every human being has a natural drive to create, make something new, get inspired, get recognized by doing something great. To me, all of those new ideas and innovations are a form of ART. But still, there is a nonsense that is very common in the fashion world. A person will be a true fashion lover yet afraid to experiment and play with clothes. Almost all ready-to-wear brands will copy haute couture designs instead of making their own designs.

So what exactly is blocking creativity when it comes to fashion?

Fashion (non)sense and designers

As a fashion designer, two things are very important to me – fashion events and new trends. Through fashion events I keep up with fresh trends, new styles, all those things are important for the process of creation and visualization. Every fashion designer strives to find inspiration that will help him design unique and authentic pieces.

That’s what made every big designer or brand famous worldwide. For example, when you see a Medusa head with gold details on a shirt you know that it’s from a Versace collection, which is a trademark Gianni created for his brand. And that is the point, fashion designers are creating THEIR fashion. However, we see so many copies then? Is it a business decision or a lack of ideas? Many ready-to-wear brands are copying haute couture designs which sound great, but there are a ton of reasons why this is bad. They use poor quality material, clothes are being produced in an unethical environment, time and the energy certain designer dedicated to the designing process is basically disrespected and can be treated as an abuse of intellectual property, and the list goes on. I will write more about this topic in one of the future posts.

Fashion (non)sense in everyday life

Having a fashion sense is not a question of a luxury anymore. It is our way of “silent” communication with others. It’s a way of showing to the world who we are. But even though we have complete freedom to express ourselves through our fashion style many people hide behind plane jeans and T-shirts.

Through my fashion consultant work, I noticed that many of my clients were afraid of what other people would say or think of their outfits. They were afraid that people will judge them and dislike their fashion style. If you are reading this and you recognize yourself in these words please read carefully the next paragraph.

You shouldn’t dress for others but only for yourself! Use fashion to express yourself, play with it, and have fun! Some people will notice and salute our way of styling, some will dislike it, some will be indifferent. But all of that doesn’t matter. Only important thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because only then you will feel truly confident and happy. Explore different styles, find inspiration for something new.

For me, the greatest inspiration is traveling. Experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, learning about their way of life, history, architecture… All of that always fascinated me. The crucial thing for me is the energy of the city and the people in it. Each of these travel experiences gave me ideas which I later translated into new creations.

No matter if you are a fashion designer or a fashion lover, take care of your fashion sense and don’t try to be someone else. Go out there, get passionate, and be creative. You will be amazed by the results.


Photo by Nikola Bradonjic