Punk style

In this blog, I will write more about my favorite fashion revolution. I wondered why punk and what I like there a lot.. and after some researching, I realize why and what part of me have this as a favorite fashion style. My first collection, “Punk me up,” was an inspiration from this period. Even collection is more feminine, but one crucial element was dominant there, and its uniqueness. When I was a young designer then, I couldn’t see all possibilities, but I could feel that fashion has no limits! This style broke all the rules, made a statement of one epoch, and showed unusual independence and consistency to the authentic style.

What is punk?

After the rebellious atmosphere of the hippie movement, about what, I will write a little more in one of the following blogs, and in which various changes took place, the punk revolution took place.
With the advent of punk, all remnants of the found optimism of the hippie movement disappear.

Punk brings a revolution to young people who wanted to oppose all the laws in the then legal music industry and commercialization in the clothing industry. In this way, authenticity style in individual and personal expression was prevented. At the same time, punk philosophy is based on emphasizing independence and anarchic creative expression. The beginning of punk was completely anti-fashion, which means the punk revolution erased gender and social differences. This period is characterized by resistance to categorization, and therefore it becomes extreme and very shocking, which thus caused conflicts. What is characteristic of this period and only the clothing expression are the details that were “ornaments” and attached to the clothes.

Razor blades, safety pins combined with details found in sex shops, and were provocative in themselves were just part of the rebellion highlighted during this period. Over time, this method weakened, but it held the unique idea of ​​revolution. Punk badges and some authentic punk clothing items could not be bought everywhere, almost anywhere. Still, there were small private tailor workshops at that time to which this period was very sympathetic, or which were themselves part of this new movement and visual appearance. Even individuals could do for themselves what created this revolution. Thanks to that, the punk uniform remained authentic. Although this was thought to be all transient, this fascinating fashion movement still serves as an inspiration for creating new fashion collections.

Famous names like Vivian Westwood and Malcolm McLaren took advantage of this movement and advanced Punk fashion. Their creations continued to be authentic, which was the idea of ​​this revolution, but they also commercialized it excellently. London was the place where the admirers of this revolutionary movement could meet the most. And that is where the essential fashion editors, photographers, designers, lecturers in art schools, etc ..)
One of the punk revolution goals was to equalize gender and class differences, which developed strongly and survived for a long time. Music was one of those threads that successfully sustained this idea. Dick Habdige, the most influential punk interpreter, expressed when punk began to disappear, “The key to punk is elusive. Instead of getting to the point where we understand it, we have come to the point where meaning itself disappears.”
Things are starting to change with the expansion of club music, and this style sublimates all previous subculture phenomena from rockers, beatniks, mods, hippies, skinheads, punks, and Goths to hardcore raves.
In the early ’90s, everyone knew that a new revolution in dance music had taken place. In that name, fans of the rave scene emphasized the right to mass parties. They thus propagated uniformity in sneakers, baggy tracksuits of fluorescent colors, and that was an infantile regression. They held their very noisy parties in abandoned warehouses, garages and thus resisted the formal city parties and the authorities that ruled at the time. The eternal symbol of that time and movement were yellow badges with a smile sign. However, the movement is beginning to weaken as the decade draws to a close.
Newer versions of clothing have changed and emerged in the new industrialized club scene, which was specially developed on the island of Ibiza. At these parties, you could see various garments that were most often created in a home atmosphere. Eroticized forms of clothing, and beachwear combined with ghetto glamour, sadomasochistic elements, and science fiction, marked the front pages of commercial dance magazines. This style was wholly independent and had no goal or any resistance, but it arose from a combination of resistance from earlier times. Piercings, tattoos, and other ornaments used experienced an expansion when they became trendy.
This period was marked by resistance to uniformity. In the early 1990s, some punk and rave-style members continued to indulge in their “style tribe.” Others turned to the club scene or completely withdrew from subcultural styles. They determine for the “world style” of rapid change, where “Uniformity” wasn’t allowed to survive longer. However, former members of the subculture, who act as a mass of people wanting to have fun beneath their trendy clothes, are the emergence of a new visual language, which will allow the evolution of new, unexpected aesthetic values ​​when everything seems to be seen.

Women revolution II

New Sexuality

The XX century’s new era brought big transitions and transformations in culture, economy, and politics. At the same time, a new awareness of the new fashion era coincides with the corset’s official rejection in 1913. Women completely change their own roles. She is no longer just a doll for salons or someone who only takes care of herself. Women now is not just a mother, wife, but she becomes a person who has her interests, occupations, and job. One very interesting Netflix show, The Cable Girls, demonstrate a woman’s determination to be independent herself, to express her own feelings by taking care of essential things..also, you can notice her as a part of social life, but this time as her own, not the way from before, how other wants. Since a woman with this transition accepts men’s jobs where she has to make certain decisions, her appearance also changes. She starts to wear comfortable clothes,  without tightness and too many details. However, “the shaping” of this 1923 fashion revolution was contributed by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou.

Conditioned by big changes, the “Boy” fashion is created, which has simplified lines, straight cuts, and without so much detail. The non-emphasis of the body has been accepted by women worldwide, of different professions and stratum. With this appearance, women proved equality with the male sex so as not to be underestimated. By dressing like this, they hid the curves. The lowered waist on the dresses was associated with that. They cut their hair in the pageboy but decorated it with hats called “Cloche hat.” You probably think now how much a woman has “lost” with such revolutions, but the truth is that she has never lost her sexuality and eroticism. She radiated a different kind of sensuality – “Intellectual, sophisticated sex appeal.”

Roaring 20s Style— From 1920s to 2020s | by Mona Butler | Medium

Photo: medium.com

Fashion after the first war, did not stop developing at high speed. Women reveal legs, even up to the knees, and in that way, the accent has been given to shoes, which have a pointed toe, with slightly higher heels. The thing that attracts special attention are the stockings. And the most attractive were silk stockings in the skin color. Strong make-up in the evening time, bright complexion, red lipstick that fantastically emphasizes female beauty, and the red nail polish only intensified her seduction. Here it’s clear that pre-war fashion will not return and that everything is evolving and changing at an incredible speed. That is most difficult for moralists and stereotypes who have not accepted such changes for a long time.

1920s Fashion Trends: Shoes, Flapper Style & More – Footwear News  GATSBY?! What GATSBY?✨💃🏻🎺💄Roaring 20s makeup! Absolutely loved creating this look 😍 It got me thinkin… | Gatsby makeup, 1920s makeup gatsby, Roaring 20s makeup

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Interestingly, the fashion industry has developed so that fashion has become available to everyone, regardless of profession and social class. Haute couture remains less accessible to everyone, but this ends the five-year reign of the “Garson” style.

The difference between a day dress and an evening dress is noticeable through the materials and small details. Sparkling materials and a slight emphasis on the female body also belong to the evening dressing. Asymmetry is becoming very popular, and diagonal cutting exceeds the modest possibilities of ready-made and studio production.

It’s well-known that the period before the Second World War caused hopelessness, poverty, and economic depression immediately after closing the New York Stock Exchange in 1929. However, fashion has also changed. The thirties are cosmopolitanism, a slightly different spirit of classicism, a predisposition for modernism, the development of mass production and new materials. The appearance of a woman and her role was no longer just a reflection of transformation, but she became the main initiator.

Women’s role in the fashion revolution has manifested through woman fashion designers’ appearance and big names of that time.  With their talent and a strong sense of fashion, they contributed to fashion development in the thirties and forties, as someone who can fully understand a woman and her development. In this period, we have met to more modified forms compared to the twenties. Accentuated shoulders, a dose of strictly, a narrow waist define this period. Skirts have cut in A-shape, a slightly shorter. During this period, women began to wear pants and costumes, skirts, and jackets, representing a new level of women’s sexuality. She takes even more responsibilities and becomes stronger and stronger, illustrated through how she dresses.

lovefashionbeautyvintage: “ “1940s fashion - The 30s brought in the fashion of women wearing slacks, but the 40s really… | 1940s fashion, 40s fashion, Retro fashion      21 Reasons Why You Should Wear the Fashion of the 1940s

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A new wave of fashion trends emerged after World War II when Dior designed the New Look in 1947. The new style needed to neutralize the devastation of war and bring glamor and sophistication to the new look. A very feminine line in the dresses cuts, wavy hair, and high heels especially marked the cinematography of the 20th century. The film industry is developing more and more, and at the same time (in the 1950s), it represents an entirely new type of woman. She is an enchanting blonde, with lush curves, and the well-known Marilyn Monroe.

A decade later, a completely different atmosphere reigns, utterly unknown to traditional aristocratic principles, thus announcing another fashion revolution and movements formed through new political and cultural attitudes. This new influence during the sixties and seventies dictated the unisex fashion, when even in the visual sense, there is an equality between man and woman. That creates an introduction to the new and unfettered eroticism.

The Hippie Movement | Sutori

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Moda i odevanje- Marina Ranisijevic

Women revolution I

The evolution of women’s fashion and lifestyle shows us significant changes in the shape of clothes and silhouettes. Through earlier epochs, we can notice big differences in the shapes of female bodies. That was conditioned by each new time that occurred, but we should also not omit spatial conditions. Women very skillfully followed all the changes and innovations, even regardless of their body transformation, posture, and even character. We all know (at least from historical films) that women suffered severe body deformities, to the point that I would have difficulty breathing due to various corsets and armature.

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That clothing is “socially coded” is shown by the fact that society has influenced the correction of individual external expression, primarily through clothing. “Fear of nudity was the main creator, accompanied by moral norms.” The role of women was clearly defined and meant to be a good wife, mother, and above all, to be the guardian of the family tradition’s morals. In terms of class differences, the role of women varied somewhat. Women who belonged to the high class played the role of “Doll,” who was passive, perfect, always smiling, and a status symbol of her husband. Her task was to emphasize luxury, And through that, she very openly shows her statute. In the 19th century, where male dominance was pronounced, women wore dresses that emphasized their sexuality. The main symbol of seriousness was a male blue suit for men, which also fulfilled the appropriate form. Here we come across a period when men dress more reduced, and women become the ones who follow all the fashion madness (later in history even more so).

Before the end of the 19th century, we can notice slight changes in the female silhouette, which are determined exclusively by the dresses they wear, and a slight transition to softer forms. Make-up emphasizes the eyes so that they are as big as possible, and the pale complexion because the fatal woman was pale at that time. Turbans are another fashion detail of that time, as well as pearl necklaces. Long coats were a trend, and this whole style existed in the narrow circles of the intellectual and artistic elite. The rest of the majority still followed the traditional style.

Photo: pinterest.com

The very end of the 19th century is slowly becoming a time of significant changes, as “artistic” and “aesthetic” misunderstandings are confronted. That implies more precisely that the female body in “artistic” vision should mean “freedom,” while aesthetics still adhere to the crinoline and waist emphasis, as the perfection of the female body shape. Paul Poiret (1879-1944) was the first fashion designer to embrace the “artistic” experience and begin a new fashion revolution. She draws inspiration from Russian ballet and thus creates an unreal and destructive woman at the beginning of the 20th century.

to be continued….

Fashion styles

How to know which fashion style determines you, or which epoch you are belonging

We all have some favorite movie, a place where we like to go, season of the year, but we usually don’t know what fashion style determines us. Maybe you know what you want to have in your closet, but you don’t know which style belongs. I agree that you don’t have to know necessary, but I know that it will connect you deeper with yourself at some point if you know. Maybe you will know to explain yourself to you, and you can understand fashion better, and one the most crucial thing, you will see what you are looking for when you go shopping.

Sometimes we can see some piece of clothing on someone that we like how it looks on her or him, and we can imagine ourselves at the same time, but it doesn’t work that way. I m the first one who likes to try different things, but also, I m the first one who can see if someone has that kind of personality to have something that not determines that person.

So, let’s start this way. First of all, do one very good and deep cleaning of your closet. You will find everything there, mostly if you didn’t “clean” for a long time. You may have heard that if you don’t wear something for more than one year, that does not belong to your closet anymore, and you can find the place or person you can give it to. This is also very “healthy” because you will make some new space for new things ( I m doing this in everyday life for simple things and feel so good!). When you start, pay attention to what kind of clothes dominate in your closet. Pay attention to: Shape, colors, multicolors, flowers, animal print, fabrics.. do the same with your shoes. Now, I will explain all styles during the last century we have and the most popular.

–       30s and 40ts- From history, this was a particular period because women started to do more experiments with clothing after the big fashion revolution during the 20th. They begin to work more, to be more independent, they begin to take more responsibility for their own life, and with that they start to wear suits and pants. Pants on women before were not possible, but fashion is a beautiful phenomenon ( when I say fashion, I mean on all lifestyle, not just what ppl will wear). Today, we have women that like to wear suits, a tie, a white shirt, very often a modern hat, white, or black, or combination, ( red lipstick, eyeliner J )and it looks very feminine, and fashionable at the same time. YSL made this revolution and put it all on a very high level, and that you can see in his movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2707858/ ( I indeed suggest!)

30s Fashion: A Quartet of Chic Ladies (1930s Fashion Fashion Greeting Cards) #yachtweekcroatiacostumes | Fashion, 30s fashion, 1930s fashion

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–     50s and 60s – After this big revolution that women made, not just how they clothe themselves, but lifestyle, some designers ( Dior) try to return feminine and put the shape of the body in the first place. That looks amazing, really. And it was very acceptable, but we still could meet that fantastic shape of the body at that time. Today are different trends. I can say that this was a charming and beautiful period, but it didn’t stop the next big revolution. The fashion and fabrics industry was in expansion at that point, and people start to use synthetic for the manufacturer and make chip and good looking clothing. That is the reason why women have a full closet of everything. This is very specific during the 60th.

Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy were the icons in that period.

15 Classic Vintage 1940s Dress Styles | 1950s fashion dresses, Vintage dresses 50s, Vintage 1950s dresses

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–      70s and 80s.- I would say this is my favorite period, no just for fashion, but lifestyle. Everyone knows for the “Happy and Hippie” period during 70th, while we have something totally new – the jeans. This fantastic product is the most popular ever. The shape, length, width was different, but the comfort and style was for everyone! Light cotton and linen T-shirts were a complete trend. Comfort and freedom were the main motives of this very revolutionary movement. Multicolor, floral motifs on fabric, nice and soft colors, but light colors are symbols of light and soft materials. So, this period was fascinating and revolutionary. 80th brought new movement, and my favorite “PUNK.” This period was my inspiration for my design. The way how people express themselves was the latest trend. Makeup and clothing style in black color was a symbol of this period. On the other side, we could see a very elegant shape of shirts, silk, and superior business clothing combinations. With a similar style, one enters the 90s.

Pin on seventies

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–      90th- We could see all different styles and expansions of everything came, but it looked on mess more than with any sense. We could see a mix of everything, and this actually was everything before an entirely new fashion era. Mess before big new fashion cleaning. Honestly, I liked this period. I was very young, but still, I remember all the super cool shows, music, and revolution in every way.  However, I always see something unique and different in all those periods. For me, all is that inspiration for new and different.


Even its fashion just “a no end of” the game by clothing elements, and maybe without some deeper meaning, if we know the structure of style speaking, we can sense all taboo, and we can see easier people around us, and maybe we can be more aware how the others see us.

We all have within us the energy of a particular epoch because it is evident that each has its own sensibility and that beauty is precisely there, in diversity. I know mine. 🙂

Elegant and casual
Fashion changes from year to year, as do styles. Throughout the history of fashion, we have been able to get acquainted with specific trends through the epochs. However, epochs dictated trends and the culture and tradition present in a particular country. Each one has its traditional values. Some countries express it through dance, some through conventional royal styles, some business centers say it through classical business styles. Either way that is the beauty of diversity and uniqueness.
Lifestyle and fashion trands
I prefer an exciting mix of everything, rather than a certain and always the same style. NY is a place where you can meet just about anything that is not typically related to one of the same. Maybe that’s why this city is an inspiration to many people who can see everything when they come. However, the style of dress that “determines” us is not only the style of dress but also the lifestyle itself. What we do, what we work, what we read, where we go out … All that are some directives and they can tell us a lot about ourselves.
On the topic of combining elegance with casual, it is perhaps the most accessible today when it comes to dressing because it is entirely shifted compared to before. This means that you can freely combine these two without thinking about how whether the two styles go together or not. So, an elegant dress with sneakers, a sports tracksuit with heels … it’s all “IN” now. It is still unacceptable for someone. But everyday busy life has imposed on us that elegant dresses do not stand trapped, and that we wait for the moment when we will wear them because while we are at work, with the restrictions of the “dress code,” some lovely dresses will waiting to be carried. After a while, we reject it because the time for that dress has unfortunately passed. That’s how we buy new and become that usual consumer society that is not economical but wants something new, even we already have that, maybe the same. We just don’t use imagination enough.
Today’s good thing is that everything can be combined, and it can look totally cool, everywhere, and at any time.
Take that unworn dress out of the closet.  With interesting stockings  (some of your favorite), and with some completely cool boots (Dr. Martens style, or some cool sneakers), add some exciting piece of jewelry (leather bracelet, one long and one short earring), minimal makeup -and, casual hairstyle, And your styling is already attractive.
The most important thing here is not to limit yourself, but also not to overdo it. However, it is necessary to have a balance in every way of expression, even here. Whatever style you prefer, bring a little “unusualness” into everyday life and turn your routine into casual to more refreshing.

Arty Fashion Style

Here is one very common question – is fashion a form of art?

Yes, it is. Artists have special skills to make all beautiful things. Art is a creative process of turning an idea into a masterpiece that shows all od the artist’s emotions, visions… Fashion is an outside projection out lifestyle, identity, emotions…

So What Exactly Is Arty Fashion Style?

Arty fashion style is one of my favorite styles. Its main characteristics are bold combinations of different colors, shapes, cuts, and textures. Arty fashion style is very popular, especially for people who like to be different and unique and it can be worn on any occasion.

An individual who prefers the arty style of fashion design would avoid the conventional style and opt for something more loud and unique. Lovers of arty style are very authentic and they really don’t care about what others think about their style. Freedom is very important to them and they live their life without any limitations.

They like attention, but still, they prefer to be in their own world from time to time by themselves. Very often they are really successful no matter what their profession is. If they are not artists, they love art! That is the way how they live. This style glowing with enthusiasm and it’s a mix of everything that we are not used to see very often.

Bring Your Arty Style To Perfection

How to make your arty outfit perfect? My advice here would be to follow your own style and to not limit yourself in expression. Make crazy clothes combinations, use more colors, geometric lines or cuts. This style doesn’t follow strict rules, but a high sense of aesthetics is a must.

Comfort is also very important, nice and natural fabrics are mostly used. Small details are “the secret spice”. For example, dress in some fluorescent colors, dress or jacket in one color but in different and interesting cuts, half of the outfit is a dress and the other half is the suit, different geometric symbols or patterns combined together, etc..

There is one important thing that you shouldn’t do  – don’t think about “is it too much?”. For someone, it can be too much, but an arty kind of personality doesn’t care for any limitations. If you can imagine yourself rocking this style and feeling confident, don’t be afraid to try it out!

With this style, you can attract a lot of different opinions, but you should always express yourself and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Nothing is more fashionable than showing your uniqueness to the world!

Classic Fashion Style – A Timeless Look

The classic fashion style is the most popular within all generations. It is sophisticated, elegant, and simple. The classic fashion style is always in trend. The best thing about this style is that it’s timeless with minimal changes during the time.

Main Characteristics of The Classic Fashion Style

This style is more or less limited by colors and different clothing shapes. When I say different clothing shapes I mean different designs. For instance, there is a difference between a pencil over the knee skirt and a short skirt, tide pants and wide pants.

Simple design and perfect manufacture were even small sewing details are perfectly done is the main thing here. It is not considered as a unique style, but with perfect accessories, shoes, and a bag it appears outstanding.

For example, you can pair a beautiful simple black dress with simple shoes, you will create a great classical combination. But you can also spice up the outfit with a pair of colorful high heel shoes. This way, you’ll still keep that classic look, but with some modern and different accent pieces, you’ll give it a small twist to your classic look.

Classic style is a perfect choice for every occasion and various events. If you can’t decide what do you want to wear, this style is appropriate for any event.

What Is a Chic Style?

Another style that is very similar but a little bit different is the chic style. “Chic” originates from the French word “clique” which means elegance and skill. This style includes classic clothes mixed with strong colors.

This style leaves an impression of high elegance and sophisticate look. The main characteristics are clear lines and it suits everyone. This look is favored amongst business people, entrepreneurs, very modern “clothes for success”. People who prefer this style feel natural and comfortable like they are “born” with it.

Fabrics and textures are so defined here. Shapes as well ( it can be a midi pencil skirt, or dress, very modern suit, pants…). Accessories can make this style more dynamic. This style sends the message of a sophisticated, businesslike, successful, confident person.


Many Interpretations of White Color In Fashion

In this blog post, I want to tell you more about the symbolism and significance of my favorite color of all, one loaded with meaning – white color.

When people think of a white color first association usually is purity, joy, freshness, well-being. In many different cultures and countries, white has a special purpose, but its general symbolism is lightness. White has a purpose in parts of everyday life, even those you would overlook. For example, it is useful in advertising because when used as a background, it makes the product stand out. In medicine, there is a reason we see doctors and surgeons in white lab coats. It makes them recognizable for their skills and expertise and invokes a sense of cleanliness.

The symbolism of The White Color

There are endless associations and interpretations of white color all around the world. One might think of white as an aristocratic color. It instills a sense of wealth and sophistication. White also signifies innocence, which is why in many cultures, a white dress is worn on the wedding day, although I am personally a supporter of the alternative. White implies the opportunity for new beginnings. On the color wheel, white color always appears first. It is a fresh start and the chance for something spotless and immaculate.

Another interpretation of white is progress. That is why I always advise wearing at least one piece of clothing that is white, especially if a person is about to make new decisions. One of the less known facts is that white color negates fatigue and lack of stamina. We all have those days when our energy is at a minimum, tiredness is visible on our faces but we still have so much to do and overcome. On these days, I suggest an overall white look with very simple and minimalist makeup. You will find yourself armed against our greatest daily enemy: tiredness.

White color inspires courage and confidence. White opens us up to new aspirations and goals. However, due to its neutrality, I think that white should always be combined with another color, which will not only add an appealing contrast but will also make it more stylish.

White In Fashion

In terms of fashion, white color is mostly worn during the summer. Although in my opinion, it should be worn during the entire year and not confined to just one season. It is true that it is not the easiest color for wearing because it “gets dirty” quickly, but on the other hand black, green, blue clothes also get dirty and that doesn’t stop us from wearing them, right?

As you know from reading my blogs, I’m a firm believer that our personality and inner state are always connected to our behavior. With this in mind, I suggest that you look at the changes that are happening to you and around you. Take a closer look and ask how these changes correlate with your current state of mind and the colors you choose to wear.

While researching colors and their healing effect on us, I was reminded many times of non-verbal communication. How we feel on the inside expresses on the outside not just through clothing, but also through colors.

I will admit that this color sometimes requires courage to wear. My attitude towards fashion is that sometimes we find ourselves wanting a break from the already established trends. It is important to try something new because maybe you are ready for a change without really knowing. And that’s why I suggest beginning your journey and growth with white.

Aesthetics From a Fashion Designers Point of View

What is aestheticsHow does aesthetics determine us? Who are esthetes? These are just a few of the questions I have asked myself countless times over the years.

Aesthetics In Theory

Aesthetics is a word of Greek origin, and it means to be observable or sensitive, as interpreted by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. In the science of art, aesthetic signifies the beautiful or pleasing.

In philosophy, aesthetics is defined as a special form of human creation. It is a specific branch of philosophy that examines and appreciates everything that is beautiful and valuable in addition to the essence of an artwork. In the visual arts, as well as in other disciplines, wherever the senses are involved, aesthetics play a role. It might be the color, the shape, the content, the movement, the sound… But one thing is for sure, it always stems from our inherent tastes and instincts.

Everyone is inclined towards the aesthetic because of our senses. Some people might have a stronger sense of it than others, but it is within all of us and will cause an attraction towards some things and a repellence from others. What is most important and perhaps most interesting is that we all have a different sense of aesthetics. This diversity is what makes us all individuals; what some people are drawn to, others cannot stand. If you take anything away from my words, please remember the importance of being who you are and accepting your taste and style as part of you.

Aesthetics In Everyday Life

First of all, let’s discuss the importance of our inner aesthetics. In order for something to be considered a work of art – and everything can be considered as art with the right perspective – we need to possess a certain set of senses that recognizes it as so. When it comes to aesthetics, our inner voice will lead us to develop and follow our own sense of style. What you find beautiful is just one of many examples. This is why I believe it is so important to follow your instincts because that is what determines so many of our actions and decisions.

External or material aesthetics vary as well and often reflect how we feel internally. I can easily remember my first fashion collection and the inner state I was in at that time. The natural flow from my thoughts and emotions to the physical garment is “cleansing,” and this process can be noticed in each of my collections that followed. Of course, there were “wanderings” and searches, and the two – the internal and external – did not always align. If I wanted to experiment with my creations I never restrained myself but I rather experimented freely.

Personal Aesthetics

I often like to see someone’s work and feel their energy. It can tell me more about the creator’s personal aesthetic than their words might say. Sometimes, my own set of aesthetics will not match, but that is completely natural. After all, we are not all the same.

As someone whose aesthetics are very important to them, but also particular and specific to whom I am, I know why it is so important for every person to develop their own. No matter what, you will find that your set of aesthetics will pull you in one way or another.

The relationship between art and aesthetics is very close and sometimes hard to distinguish, but their importance is great if we learn how to create something new and express ourselves through it.

How Style Is Being Shaped

I have long wondered what the factors are that affect our style and the way we dress. What are the components that make an outfit work and bring the look we envisioned together?

What Defines a Style?

From my own experience, I know that there can be many factors that shape and define a person’s style: career, people that surround us, the current and latest trends, place of living, personal tastes, and so much more! I always pay special attention to the last one, which is our unique taste. Very often these are the preferences or inclinations that are imposed upon us by media, by others, or by our culture that we accept as part of ourselves.

Think about the many choices you make during the day when it comes to your clothes. How many of them are based on what you want versus what society tells you? For example, you likely wouldn’t wear dramatic, smokey makeup to just another day at the office unless you have a glamourous job. Just as you wouldn’t go bare face wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to a special event. These are all inherent style trends we learn from the society that we barely even realize.

Furthermore, our style or outfit choice is not just what you might wear for this or that occasion. Our fashion style is an expression of our inner state. It is a very subconscious way of describing ourselves and communicating with our external environment about how we feel.

Since I entered the world of fashion, I’ve been noticing more and more how people express their inner state, thoughts, and feelings through their clothes. It is obvious if someone is fully dressed in an arty fashion style, but it can be noticed through small detail like a scarf or a necklace that actually makes a typical classical look their own.

Show Your Style With Confidence

Another important factor that often influences our style is what others think. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and it shows the lack of confidence in yourself. If you notice that you are more concerned with how others perceive you then by how you feel about yourself you’re not doing yourself a favor. This way of thinking can be really destructive in all areas of your life. You should always focus more on expressing your true self how you see yourself. Trust me, people will sense your confidence shining from within and will respect that more than displaying on a false image of yourself.

A good sense of style doesn’t require large sums of money, and it shouldn’t bring much damage to your wallet. All it takes is getting out of the box and your comfort zone to live your life without being concerned about what anyone else thinks of you. Your style is your own brand. Be stylish and be yourself.