The classic fashion style is the most popular within all generations. It is sophisticated, elegant, and simple. The classic fashion style is always in trend. The best thing about this style is that it’s timeless with minimal changes during the time.

Main Characteristics of The Classic Fashion Style

This style is more or less limited by colors and different clothing shapes. When I say different clothing shapes I mean different designs. For instance, there is a difference between a pencil over the knee skirt and a short skirt, tide pants and wide pants.

Simple design and perfect manufacture were even small sewing details are perfectly done is the main thing here. It is not considered as a unique style, but with perfect accessories, shoes, and a bag it appears outstanding.

For example, you can pair a beautiful simple black dress with simple shoes, you will create a great classical combination. But you can also spice up the outfit with a pair of colorful high heel shoes. This way, you’ll still keep that classic look, but with some modern and different accent pieces, you’ll give it a small twist to your classic look.

Classic style is a perfect choice for every occasion and various events. If you can’t decide what do you want to wear, this style is appropriate for any event.

What Is a Chic Style?

Another style that is very similar but a little bit different is the chic style. “Chic” originates from the French word “clique” which means elegance and skill. This style includes classic clothes mixed with strong colors.

This style leaves an impression of high elegance and sophisticate look. The main characteristics are clear lines and it suits everyone. This look is favored amongst business people, entrepreneurs, very modern “clothes for success”. People who prefer this style feel natural and comfortable like they are “born” with it.

Fabrics and textures are so defined here. Shapes as well ( it can be a midi pencil skirt, or dress, very modern suit, pants…). Accessories can make this style more dynamic. This style sends the message of a sophisticated, businesslike, successful, confident person.