Elegant and casual
Fashion changes from year to year, as do styles. Throughout the history of fashion, we have been able to get acquainted with specific trends through the epochs. However, epochs dictated trends and the culture and tradition present in a particular country. Each one has its traditional values. Some countries express it through dance, some through conventional royal styles, some business centers say it through classical business styles. Either way that is the beauty of diversity and uniqueness.
Lifestyle and fashion trands
I prefer an exciting mix of everything, rather than a certain and always the same style. NY is a place where you can meet just about anything that is not typically related to one of the same. Maybe that’s why this city is an inspiration to many people who can see everything when they come. However, the style of dress that “determines” us is not only the style of dress but also the lifestyle itself. What we do, what we work, what we read, where we go out … All that are some directives and they can tell us a lot about ourselves.
On the topic of combining elegance with casual, it is perhaps the most accessible today when it comes to dressing because it is entirely shifted compared to before. This means that you can freely combine these two without thinking about how whether the two styles go together or not. So, an elegant dress with sneakers, a sports tracksuit with heels … it’s all “IN” now. It is still unacceptable for someone. But everyday busy life has imposed on us that elegant dresses do not stand trapped, and that we wait for the moment when we will wear them because while we are at work, with the restrictions of the “dress code,” some lovely dresses will waiting to be carried. After a while, we reject it because the time for that dress has unfortunately passed. That’s how we buy new and become that usual consumer society that is not economical but wants something new, even we already have that, maybe the same. We just don’t use imagination enough.
Today’s good thing is that everything can be combined, and it can look totally cool, everywhere, and at any time.
Take that unworn dress out of the closet.  With interesting stockings  (some of your favorite), and with some completely cool boots (Dr. Martens style, or some cool sneakers), add some exciting piece of jewelry (leather bracelet, one long and one short earring), minimal makeup -and, casual hairstyle, And your styling is already attractive.
The most important thing here is not to limit yourself, but also not to overdo it. However, it is necessary to have a balance in every way of expression, even here. Whatever style you prefer, bring a little “unusualness” into everyday life and turn your routine into casual to more refreshing.

Self-Expression Through Fashion

I’m a firm believer that self-expression through fashion is something that each person should practice. We are all unique and we should show what makes us different with pride. How we dress has a huge part in the first impression we leave on people. Also, we always dress according to the mood we’re in. Think about the colors you choose when you’re happy, of the type of clothes you choose when you’re feeling confident. To put it simply – your outfit communicates nonverbally with people as much as you do verbally.

Self-Expression From the Designer’s Perspective

When I’m working on my collections, I often have a vision of a woman I’m trying to create for. Although collections are different, they are still related to the same thread that connects them all. Good style is all that is related to us, what is in us, and that is our charisma, energy, above all, life awareness, and fashion. Often women might not be noticed just by what she’s wearing, but much more by her aura and charisma.

On the fashion scene, we see well-styled shows, from the beginning to the end. It’s a well-told story and concept made by designers or stylists. It is necessary to think about every detail, but it is crucial to be moderate because if you overdo it, it can create completely opposite effect on the audience.

Self-Expression Through Fashion Is Fun

Lifestyle, the music we listen to, the places we go to, it all affects how we dress and what we like to wear. Based on that how we dress, not just for making premature conclusions, one can imagine what kind of life we live in. What is particularly interesting is the connection between interior design and us. I had the opportunity to see the different living spaces of different clients, and just by looking around, I could conclude what is that person’s occupation, which is the colors he/she likes, and what is their fashion style.

What we hear most often is that good style comes with a lot of money, but it is far from the truth. Good style doesn’t always mean using expensive stuff. Perfect styling often can be achieved with small details, accessories, and the way they are incorporated. There is also the makeup. With good makeup and appropriate jewelry, we can highlight a very simple dress.

Self-Expression through fashion is something that most of us don’t think about. I think that’s a shame not to play with your style and experiment. It’s a fun way to get to know yourself and to be creative. Fashion and art should not be separated. From the perspective of the designer, inspiration is the most important thing. Whether it is in the detail, in a person, or in an object, it drives us to create something new and innovative. That is when the beautiful process of designing starts.