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What is aesthetics?How does aesthetics determine us? Who are esthetes?These are just a few of the questions I have asked myself countless times through the years.

Aestheticsis of Greek origin, and it means to be observable or sensitive, as they are interpreted from the philosopher Immanuel Kant’s translation. In the science of art, aestheticssignifies the beautiful or pleasing.

In philosophy, aesthetics is defined as a special form of human creation. It is aspecific branch of philosophy that examines and appreciates everything that is beautiful and valuable in addition to the essence of an artwork.In the visual arts, as well as in other disciplines, wherever the senses are involved, aesthetics play a role. It might be the color, the shape, the content, the movement, the sound… but one thing is for sure, it always stems from our inherent tastes and instincts.

Everyone is inclined towards the aestheticbecause of our senses. Some people might have a stronger sense for it than others, but it is within us all and will cause an attraction towards some things and a repellence from others. What is most important and perhaps most interesting is that we all have a different set of aesthetics from one another. This diversity makes us all individual; what some people are drawn to, others cannot stand.If you take anything away from my words, please remember the importance of being who you are and accepting your tastes and style, both inside and out, as part of you.

First of all, let’s discuss the importance of our inner aesthetics. In order for something to be considered a work of art – and everything can be considered as art with the right perspective – we need to possess a certain set of senses that recognizes it as so. When it comes to aesthetics, our inner voice will lead us to developing and following our own sense of style. What you find beautiful is just one of many examples.This is why I believe it is so important to follow your instincts, because that is what determines so many of our actions and decisions.

External or material aesthetics vary as well and often reflect how we feel internally. I can easily remember my first fashion collection and envision my inner state and needs at that time. The natural flow from my thoughts and emotions to the physical garment is “cleansing,” and this process can be noticed in each of my collections that followed. Of course, there were “wanderings” and searches, and the two – the internal and external – did not always align.If I wanted to make some experiments, I did.

I often like to see someone’s work, or feel their energy, if it can tell me more about the creator’s personal aesthetic more than their words might say. Sometimes, my own set of aesthetics will not match, but that is completely natural. Afterall, we are not all the same.

As someone whose aesthetics are very important to them, but also particular and specific to whom I am, I know why it is so important for us to develop this along our own journeys. No matter what,you will find that your set of aesthetics will pull you in one way or another.

The relationship between art and aesthetics is very close and sometimes hard to distinguish, but their importance is great if we learn how to create something new and express ourselves through it.


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